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Wine stoppers, fishing bobbers, hat liners, shoe soles, life preservers, baseball cores, car engine caskets, floor and wall tiles; natural cork has a variety of uses that leverage it’s unique attributes to provide excellent performance in a number of ways.

Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak, Quercus Suber, tree grown in the Mediterranean Basin.  With a life span of over 200 years, the bark of the cork oak tree does not carry sap and can be removed without harming the tree. Once the tree is mature, the bark is harvested/removed and naturally regenerates itself within nine year cycles. Cork is natural, versatile, flexible, durable, sound-reducing, insulating, antimicrobial, hypo-allergenic, sustainable and comes from rapidly renewable resource. 

Cork products from Capri Collections include unique hand-laid striped patterns, traditional patterns, natural & stained colors, homogeneous & veneer tiles & planks in glue down & floating constructions and wall tiles made with bark naturally produced by the cork tree.  Capri Collections cork products are suitable for a variety of commercial floor and vertical applications.

  • Mediterra Cork gluedown cork is offered in Colours, Rigato, Homogeneous and Veneer constructions. With unique patterns and colors, Mediterra is available in 12″ x 12″ x 3/16″ tiles.
  • Eco-Clicks cork is available in 15 cork patterns/ colors on the Uniclic floating floor system.
  • Mediterra Hexagons combines a variety of cork patterns, colors and shades with the iconic hexagon shape to provide the opportunity for a myriad of creative vertical installations.
  • 1860 Cork Wall Tile offers 3 distinctive designs all created with cork bark to enhance a variety of interior vertical spaces. 
  • Overstock offers overruns, custom colors, odd lots and sizes at great price points.

The monitor settings on your computer/device may affect the colors of the Capri products shown on this website.

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Two Capri products have been winners in Interior Design magazine’s BEST OF YEAR PRODUCT AWARD. Espresso from Mediterra Rigato was the winner of Interior Design magazine’s 2008 BEST OF YEAR PRODUCT AWARD for the hard floor covering category. AND/OR rubber cork was a Merit Winner in Interior Design magazine’s 2009 BEST OF YEAR PRODUCT AWARD for the same category.
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