Mediterra Cork Hexagons
for Vertical Installations

Be Creative with Cork Hexagon Tiles

Mediterra Hexagon Tiles are available in a  variety of cork patterns, shades & colors to mix and match. The unique Mediterra patterns/colors combined with the iconic hexagon shape provide the opportunity for a myriad of creative and inspiring vertical installations.

Hexagon sides: 5.774″ = Hexagon side to side size: 10″; Hexagon vertex to vertex: 11.5470″; Hexagon square feet per tile: 0.6015.


Utilizing the cork inventory in our PA warehouse, we have a variety of cork tiles available to be cut into hexagons.  Standard colors/patterns are readily available with sufficient stock in each option. Limited Editions are inventoried but at slightly lower levels and Special Editions are in stock in set amounts and anything above the allotted inventory cannot be accomplished.

Check this page often as we update it regularly to reflect our offerings. If you have Hexagon questions contact us at: hexagons@capricolletions.com.

The monitor settings on your computer/device may affect the colors of the Capri products shown on this website.

Standard    Limited Edition    Special Edition

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Limited Edition

Special Edition

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