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October 2011
Press Release
Lancaster, PA
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Capri Mediterra Colours and Vintage

Capri has added two new collections, Mediterra Colours and Mediterra Vintage, to the very successful Mediterra Cork collection.

Mediterra Colours offers nine nature inspired colors stained on Mediterra homogeneous pattern Mélange.  Mélange has an organic look created by cork granules and cork shavings being randomly mixed. The uniqueness of the Mélange pattern enhances the stained colors and gives the Colours Collection a beauty only nature could create.  Much like natural stone, Mediterra Colours have natural variations which can differ from tile to tile and plank to plank.  Mediterra Colours are factory stained and finished making them ready to walk on right after installation.

Mediterra Vintage, with two colors, is created through an innovative proprietary coloring process exclusive to Capri.  Created in the 700 year old town of Luogosanto on the island of Sardinia in Italy, the Vintage collection blends historic cork manufacturing with new technology.  The unique coloring process used on Vintage results in traditional cork with a new look.  The homogeneous Vintage collection is suitable for commercial and residential use.  Timeless and classic, Mediterra Vintage expands the aesthetic offering in the glue down cork category.

As with all the Mediterra Cork collection, Mediterra Colours and Vintage are available in 3/16” and 5/16” thicknesses in standard tile sizes of 12” x 12”, 12” x 24” and 24” x 24” and new standard glue-down plank sizes of 4” x 18”, 4” x 24”, 6” x 18” and 6” x 24” plus custom sizes.  All Mediterra Cork is pre-finished with 3 coats of commercial grade matte polyurethane and has an anti-curl treatment applied to the back of tiles and planks.

Mediterra Cork is currently the only glue-down cork collection available FloorScore® certification.

With all of these new introductions, Capri continues to build the very unique and successful Mediterra Cork Collection with sales of Mediterra Cork continuing to grow annually.

Images of the new Mediterra Colours and Vintage are all attached.

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