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January 2008
Press Release
Lancaster, PA
For immediate release

Eco-Clicks Cork Floating Floor

Currently available in 6 standard (in stock) patterns, Capri is previewing 3 new additions to the Eco-Clicks Cork Floating Floor Collection at Surfaces 2008.  Jumble (installed in the booth), Checker and Dark will be added to Eco-Clicks in Spring 2008.  These additions are all homogeneous patterns and are well suited to Eco-Clicks use in light commercial as well as residential installations.

The Eco-Clicks Collection comes in 12” x 36” x 7/16” planks, finished with water-based matte polyurethane.   Eco-Clicks construction consists of three layers; the top layer is cork from the bark of the cork oak tree which regenerates every 7-9 years.  Corks unusual cell structure accounts for its unique features. These features include its buoyancy, light weight, compressibility, resilience, resistance to liquid and moisture penetration, low thermal conductivity, ability to absorb vibration/sound, and stability.  The middle layer of Eco-Clicks is a high density fiberboard which adds strength to the plank; the bottom layer is cork under layment.

With a glueless tongue and groove system which “clicks” together, installation of Eco-Clicks uses simple tools and can be put over many existing floors.  As with all Capri cork products, Eco-Clicks can contribute to LEED credits.

With the additions to The Eco-Clicks Collection in Spring 2008, Capri will offer 5 homogeneous and 4 veneer cork patterns.

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