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March 2007
Press Release
Lancaster, PA
For immediate release

About Capri Cork

Newly established Capri cork opened for business November 1, 2006.   Capri, dedicated to offering high quality, earth friendly, long lasting and good looking “surfaces, textures and coverings” begins with four flooring collections. The creators of Capri, with over 40 years combined commercial flooring experience; first offerings are all a fresh new approach to well-established flooring products. The Capri collections include Mediterra gluedown cork flooring, Cor-Terra rubber cork flooring, Re-Tire recycled rubber flooring Eco-Clicks glueless cork floating floor.  Each collection offers unique patterns and colors exclusive to Capri and are made from the highest quality raw materials.  With the importance of green flooring products, all Capri collections contribute to LEED credits and Capri cork is a member of the USGBC.

As our name denotes, Capri has built our company on our interest in cork.  We believe cork is among the best options for sustainable, renewable products available.  Cork is the quintessential “green” flooring, as every part of the cork bark, even the cork dust, removed from the tree is useful.   Furthermore as the cork oak tree ages, the quality and quantity of the cork bark improves and these trees will out live all of us, with a life of over 150 years.

Capri has the basic cork offerings of Light, Medium and Dark in our Mediterra collection but these are partnered with some unique proprietary cork patterns.  Cable Dark offers pinstripes of Dark cork alternating on a familiar veneer.  This pattern is dramatic when installed quartered.  Checker, another Capri exclusive, is made by reusing the cut waste from the Light and Medium shades. The subtle changes in shade variation and scale of the boxes in Checker create a unique cork texture for the floor.  Capri’s Fresco, Mulch and Stucco patterns offer more surface interest yet are subtle, organic designs.

With our rubber cork and recycled rubber collections, Capri offers fashion forward colors as well as jewel tones and neutrals.  Capri’s intent is to be a design leader with pattern and color in all products we offer.

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