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January 2007
Press Release
Lancaster, PA
For immediate release

Re-Tire Recycled Rubber Flooring

The Re-Tire recycled rubber flooring from Capri cork include three collections. Kaleidoscope has colored neutrals and rich, deep colors. Shades of Black is an array of accent colors in predominately black flooring.  The Basics is comprised of useful colors and neutrals suitable for a variety of installations.  While Re-tire makes good use of waste, the manufacturing process of randomly mixing colors makes for uniquely colored flooring.  The 35 colors offered in the Re-Tire recycled rubber collection are innovative yet will work well with other interior finishes.

The “re” in Re-Tire is the recycled content of both post-consumer and post-industrial waste used in various proportions in the Re-tire color lines.  The “tire” is SBR synthetic rubber made from old tire scrap.  Re-Tire is suitable for a variety of installations, as it offers great slip resistance, has good sound and shock absorption, is comfortable under foot, is very durable, is easy to clean and has recycled content  that makes it eligible to contribute to LEED credits.

The Shades of Black collection is available in 4, 6, and 9 mm in 36” x 36” tiles, 48” rolls and 9mm interlocking tiles. Kaleidoscope and The Basics are available in 4, 6, and 9 mm in 24” x 24” tiles or 48” rolls.

A FIRST from Capri is recycled rubber with recycled cork in it. Night Cork is black SBR rubber with post-industrial cork dust and Capri’s Chutney color also has cork content. These two recycled materials used together offer a new option in recycled rubber flooring.

Re-Tire, from Capri, is a great new addition to recycled rubber flooring category.

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